Manhattan Beach Cars and Coffee

Our Story

Zach Wohl


In 2014 my brother Connor Wohl and cousin Aidan Nesicolaci started a car club at Mira Costa High School. The initial goal was to bring together students with a passion for cars. In the first year, they hosted a Concours D' Elegance at Mira Costa. Shocked with the outcome, many different car enthusiast from not just around the area attended the show. The first show essentially created a foundation to the event in which we could build off of. They held two events at the high school and then it eventually transitioned into a monthly show. With an idea of supercars by the sea, they started to host the monthly shows alongside the beach. Along the way, they merged with other car enthusiasts their age to do the show together with Jake Johnson, Max Berger, Dimitri Pouliopoulos, and Max Baumer who all joined to help start the show. With ideas of a better location, we moved over too, The Point which has been very generous towards the show for the past two years. With the ability to go shop at local restaurants and shops, The Point became a major hit for our shows. In 2017 I, Zach Wohl, took over the show after the boys above went to college. Ever since the show has grown and we have created a community of car enthusiasts. I have enjoyed hosting this amazing show with another car enthusiast, Holden Brown. Over the past two years, we have grown tremendously not just as a show but as an event for the community. We hope to keep this show that connects people with a passion for cars going on for a long time.